Performance through diversity

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Performance through diversity
Our company specializes in developing applications for the iOS platform for both iPhone and iPad. Our products makes the most of the resources of which they were designed. Our product range includes various fields such as advertising applications, online shops, business applications and altele.Simplu. Smart. Without compromise.
Our applications are performed using software provided by Apple, ensuring compatibility with all iOS devices. Our services include consulting with clients, project planning within the brainstorming sessions, the application, ie its distribution's AppStore via our servers or private.
Mobile Applications
Integration with existing systems
Your work can take advantage of our other custom designed and this will increase productivity and streamline workflow. The application is designed taking into consideration compatibility with other software already in your company. The project is based on customer specifications, in order to blend perfectly with its daily activities or public zi.Privat
Our services include application sharing, which can be achieved in most cases through the AppStore community. This method is suitable for applications for promotion and online stores, as the application will be available to all users of iOS devices. If the project is intended for use in the company, it can be distributed through our private servers.
Under Development Office has a professional team of developers and designers dedicated to designing and developing applications on the Android platform. Our solutions can be deployed on any device, regardless of size and performance. Applications will be optimized so that you get the best of hardware and software resources of your phone or tablet.
Benefits Android mobile platform

Android operating system developed by Google, is constantly growing. This is due to a number of advantages over other mobile platforms, including the wide range of devices, their low price, but minor restrictions on publishing app serverIOS AMobile Applications iOS, Android - for clients who understand the future.
Unmeasured benefits they have brought to their users smart phones have made any successful business need to have its own mobile applications to win the battle with the competition. Do not forget that users love their phones or tablets, but they contain applications that make them become addicted to them.
Be friend your customers
Is your company turn provide revolutionary applications to impress, to capture and keep your customers in contact with your business news. Whether you have an idea about an application that you developed or leave us to discover what mobile app you can conquer customers with Danco certainly Vision of the art technology will combine with the effective cost to you provide the best solutions for your business.pplication Development.