Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a strategy game Supercell released some time ago. This game expresses a more advanced strategic advice aimed at winning the war. The place where this war is going to an island. The story is set in a tropical archipelago with players being on an island. Players can build their base, modernize their defense and other buildings, and unlock troops. In Boom Beach have the ability to attack other players in multiplayer mode on the same map. Beyond the main game, there are a form of cooperation in which players gather "intel", which is then used to attack the base.

The army must be as strong and can resist him why on fighting players have to resort to the strategy. The resources that are available in this game are designed to form an army base for weapons and we create soldiers. Gold first is that although important resource is blocked at the start he uses offensive things like bands buy them modernize and give start for starting wars. Wood Next resource is that you can collect it from the very beginning of the game. This resource is important in the construction of buildings. Wood can be used to form the army base. Stone plays a very important role because together with Wood helps build buildings that greatly help in defense. Iron is the resource that unlocks the next level 10. Iron can be extracted only after winning a battle and it may help to update the construction of buildings and defensive walls. The most important resource of this game is diamonds. With this resource, you can buy the other resources like wood sons: Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron. Diamonds can be awarded for reaching certain milestones and completing certain achievements. Diamonds can be purchased by clicking on the boxes of treasure when viewing the map.

They can be used to accelerate every aspect of the game; during construction of buildings and statues in training troops and weapons research. They can also be used to buy more gold, wood, stone or iron. The only things that can not be bought with diamonds are Intel, Powerstones, which are used to stimulate different aspects of the game such as health troop build hospital, production resources. Boom Beach rely on these resources because it is the aim of creating strong army is a reason for winning wars and occupation of the island. There is a way that can generate these resources. Boom Beach Hack is an application that aims to help players with the resources they need. With a simple press of the button generated Boom Beach Hack generate infinite diamond to create the most powerful military base.

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