iOS Apps

IOS operating system is found on all Apple devices that are manufactured in California and assembled in China. Apple released the new operating system, iOS 9 and seems to be much better than the previous version. iOS 9 does not surprise you with a lot of new options or a drastic change of look, but the new operating system is exactly as it should be and its predecessors. While iOS iOS 7 and 8 founded Future design, iOS nine value to those changes.
iOS in September has already begun to reach all Apple devices worldwide. It brings a smarter interface, embedded applications better and smarter than Siri. After a few hours of "button" iOS in September, the new software can tell you that makes you fall even harder for your iPhone: everything is easier and faster. iPhone is the most used network device that uses the Apple of most applications. The following applications the user downloaded them to you in the following order.

1. Team Viewer
It happens often to you need quick information on your home or to have to help a friend who has the same affinity for information technology. In such a context, Team Viewer is perfect. Runs great on the iPhone and it does not matter if the other end is a PC or a Mac. You can control everything that happens on a computer in the small screen of a smartphone in your pocket. Do you need only an ID and a password that either you know or tell you someone is in front of the remote system. Application interface is very simple to use and gives you a few parameters that you can adjust if you do not have a very good internet connection.

2.Adobe Read
Whether you work frequently with PDFs or you need a structure similar to My Documents on the PC, a free application to Adobe perfect. Simply open a file in an email, whether doc, docx, xls, XLSX, PPT, PPTX or PDF in Adobe Reader and will be stored there in a structure similar to the capture above. If you opt to do a free account on, the same documents can be synchronized with the cloud American company. Moreover, if you add documents from any PC or Mac after the account, and your phone will be synchronized.
A paid account allows you to convert any document into PDF or PDF to Doc, XLS or PPT. This detail matters less but if you interact almost exclusively with PDFs because no extra cost, Adobe Reader for iPhone lets you attach signatures to documents, add comments, and more. Regarding interaction with other applications you have installed on your phone, any documents that you have in Documents can be opened in any program installed on your phone.
3.Facebook Pages Manager
Promoting a business, a local or a personality is facilitated by the program through the tools provided. Basically, if you have a public Facebook page that you manage, you can not miss aceastră application. Lets you quickly realize new postings and plan postings that will occur in the future and see the impact of each post. In addition, Facebook Pages allow you to showcase the steps fee, certain posts.

4. Flesky
With the release of iOS in August, Apple iPhone supported third keyboards. My passion for Flesky is due very well developed support for Romanian language. No matter how fast you type and how many mistakes will be predisposed typed words always come out well through a combination of self-correction and suggestions that you will adopt in a few taps. Flesky keyboard may be higher or lower, can be colored according to personal preferences, but more important than anything is that all parameters are optional. By default, it works almost perfectly. Just type in different words approximate and will be served various suggestions which you can walk with a swipe up or moving down over the keys. All the swipe sites, Flesky can learn new words. If you are not functioning very evident in Flesky application that installs the keyboard at the same time there is a detailed tutorial.