New Applications For Smartphones

If we stay with phones glued to their hands almost without pause, we could find them and another utility, in addition to the perennial social purpose, applications like Facebook, Whatsapp Messenger, Instagram, and beyond.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of applications that make you smarter, where you can pick the ones that attract you most. Some are free, others paid, but all will help you train your brain functions.

It has a friendly interface, very easy to use and is very motivating. Each foreign language course is divided over several lessons, which compresses both aspects of grammar and vocabulary. Can you give tests, to restore some lessons, to discuss with other users about specific words, etc. Along with advancing, the user receives and experience, helping it to grow and to observe its development. In addition, syncing with Facebook lets you view about what level lies your friends, and where you're competitive type, this might help you to not sleep on her ear.
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I have managed to improve the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German, and while I was using it daily application, every moment of free time to learn something. In addition, neither you the sensation that you deposit a superhuman effort.

Another very interesting function is the Duolingo test centre, which allows you to measure English skills and free to get a recognised certificate. The test takes between 10 and 20 minutes and it is validated by an examiner in meat and bone meal.

Lumosity e as a series of games that improve your memory, speed of thought and multitasking. When you install the app on iOS or Android, you need to set some objectives. You don't have to be very optimistic and take it all in order.

50 million people already use the application in 182 countries, and the team from behind, Lumos Labs, it's composed of neurologists, researchers in neuroștiințe and all games are created from this idea.

The application is free to install, but does not allow you to make mia over three years per day. Obviously, you can repeat it, but if you want to train more, you must pay a monthly or annual fee. It is not cheap-$ 38 per month.

There are six types of games. Chalkboard Challenge is a mathematical game whereby you compare equations, Ebb and Flow is based on green leaves and orange that moves across the screen, Lost in Migration is the game where we need to swipe in the direction of the bird in the middle. Memory Matrix recreates a pattern Match, Speed means to remember if the shapes are the same from game to game, and Spatial Speed Match it's like Speed Match, only that the items on display are arranged in a triangle. Interesting Brain Profile, statistics where we learn how we grew up on the score LPI-Lumosity Percentage Index.
DailyArt is an application that shows you a work of art on a daily basis, supplemented by a small lesson of the history of art. A small dose of Visual art will do more than make you seem to worship at the Museum. It's been scientifically or watching the works of art that improves cognitive functions, gives a better blood circulation and increases in parts of the brain associated with pleasure. In addition, it can help you think more critically.