New Android Applications

Gaming applications have become an industry and a business complex even for top companies. King, Candy Crush Saga developer announced that it will develop games based on the statement Candy Crush, while announced more than 200 news in August, news that regards them as a restructuring and refocusing of Business- or community. As you know, app store site is dominated by a handful of applications, whose monopoly makes hard work of developers to brings something new to the market, and may represent common action even risky, because an application might take even and a few months to make themselves known and to be recognized even by the public.

Exactly this problem is likely to be faced by the folks at Rovio. The Finnish company launched both Apple and Google to store a new game, Nibblers with aquatic creature. Unlike the game Angry Birds and all models from this something new, completely lacking ,, pigs' well known, is presenting a new concept. The game consists in aligning all of at least three fruits to pass each level.

Starting last year, a team of 10 people began the process of formation of new prototypes were played with ideas, and they got to create more than 20 prototypes before they reached the result represented by Nibblers. The team had the idea to add some characters including fruit, so heroes in Nibblers are a set of amphibian creatures that find lots of delicious fruits on a beach, knowing that chasing fish-reptile. With each level passed, the game shows the need to select not only fruit, but a group of enemies, those fish - reptile, remove the fruit closer to them. When the player brings together three fruits, the display shows a goldfish that gives more power to the group of 4 or more fruits, you get a Coral destroys all fruits and enemies in the screen area in which we place and the group of 5 or more Octo fruit appears that removes three rows of fruit in one motion. MSQRD is a super app for Android phones, the app that basically came out of nowhere, but the good was quickly bought by those from Facebook and possibly to see integrated into their applications!
MSQRD is an application that uses the camera selfie phone or tablet to change the way you look and I can say that is really interesting effects that are applied to quality and well above what av seen before in Google Play!

Runs MSQRD and will automatically turn on the camera selfie, you will provide direct interface application 13 masks on which you apply them instantly, can you take pictures and save them on the card or send them to Facebook or Messenger or you can print a movie a few seconds that you can send it on social networks or you can keep it in the device memory.