How to use Snapchat

Thanks to an update, Snapchat not only supports sending photos. Now stand as well and videos. Basically you're no longer limited to static content, you can send a friend or girlfriend 10-second video. Specific popular applications on your clip is that you've got you can see only once since then evaporates instantly on the terminal.

Trying to motivate remarkable leap of functionality, creator and CEO Snapchat said that everything starts from the comfort you have when people know your clip will disappear. ,, People are incredibly self-critical about filming with them. If you think the photos are bad, imagine you see and moving voice with everything and all your little imperfections. "There's an application that is called Snapchat Hack and works exactly like Snapchat app. This makes a lot that has a lot of emoticons.

About a month ago through the application were shared daily 20 million images. Now that figure has reached 50 million. The new update to its application for iOS can be downloaded terminals still free.
Liew is one of the partners of the firm Lightspeed Venture Partners, which manages assets of 2 billion dollars. In total, nine partners are leading startups in the United States.
Liew and another partner, Justin Caldbeck, specialize in search start-ups in technology. In March 2012, Liew gave over Snapchat app.
Snapchat is a social network based on the transmission of photos, which disappear after a few minutes, informs Business Insider.
At the time, have less than 100,000 network deployments. Liew's life partner spotted Snapchat app on your daughter. This and told his father that students in high school or using only three applications: Angry Birds, Instagram and Snapchat.
Liew was familiar with the first two, but not unheard of Snapchat.
The remark was enough to attract attention by Liew, who did everything possible to get in touch with those behind the application.
He started with a Google search. Surprisingly, no article was not written on the subject. On the company's website there is no contact information, except for a generic email addresses to which nobody answered.

Liew has not abandoned the search and sought information about who registered the internet domain of Snapchat. The domain was registered to Toyopa Group company, owned by Evan Spiegel. He was a student at Stanford University, where he studies and Liew. Jeremy Liew. He got in touch with him via Facebook alumni network of Stanford University.
Spiegel responded to the message, but he was not interested in raising capital. During a meeting, Spiegel them Liew's shared vision about Snapchat.
Facebook is a place where you can share feelings superficial world. It's for when happy and confident. But for those times when you're upset or depressed?
Spiegel was of the opinion that there must be a place where personal feelings can be expressed by ephemeral messages. After all, true friendships occur when people share experiences both positive and negative ones.