Of course, there are advantages of GPS phones

1. Portability.
A phone with GPS installed application is very useful not only in the car but also walk away. Thus, it can be used both for guidance in city and places less traveled by, provided the signal to be good;

2. Better quality maps
Phones usually have maps of a higher quality than GPS's. This is explained by the fact that the maps on your phone are updated more often. In contrary, if you want to get the latest version of the map for a device dedicated staff need to address this issue and in addition may cost you some money. Also, GPS applications on mobile and have access to more data about places of interest, restaurants, museums, companies, etc;

3. Lower costs of GPS applications
Track Phone for mobile applications are cheaper than dedicated GPS devices. If for a good GPS, prices start at 250 lei for a phone application cost ranges between 0 and tens of lei / year. Of course, the acquisition cost of a phone or a tablet may be higher than that of a GPS, but strictly on the cost of the GPS application, the cost of phones and tablets is less.

The debate "Which is better: Dedicated GPS or phone with GPS?"
GPS phones offers users a range of functionalities: telephone, GPS, photography, internet, gaming, etc. To the contrary, GPS devices are developed to fulfill one function, GPS. For this reason, in manufacturing the mobile phone is often used in a series of compromises that are necessary to create an experience best use of all functions of the device, while the GPS sites are constructed to provide the highest quality on a single functionality .
What users say? Dedicated GPS or phone with GPS?
To find out, I posted this article on Facebook and asked our friends to tell us their opinion.
Pros for GPS
1. GPS. Receive phone calls, messages, notifications and updates to the hardest you can not skip yes, and ... maps is not just smart in finding the best possible route. In my opinion.
2. "It's still useful GPS especially when you go out and hold the phone in roaming do not think it's convenient to use mobile data for gps"
Pros for phones with GPS

1. "not worth it, google maps is good enough, even if it uses the internet, everything is cheaper"

2. "Waze or IGO phone. Waze requires internet, even if they consume very little, 20 mb 500 km instead go offline IGO"
And an argument rather
"Experience own: Long way GPS / short path: the smartphone. Pt. Smartphone, google maps is very In conclusion, if still worth or not to buy a dedicated GPS 2016, depends primarily on you and your needs. So if you often go on trips, GPS is probably the right solution for you. On the other hand, if you do not make many roads and usually go through areas with good signal, a phone or a tablet with a GPS application it will be enough.