Pokemon go Display Performance

The screen has very good color and contrast is excellent. Resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels is normal for a mid-range tablet, but there are times when low pixel density is known, especially if you look very closely. Galaxy Tab 4 compensates for this by bright colors, so in total you like to read articles or watch photos on your tablet.
The screen maintains accurate color from extreme angles, only reducing its brightness. Also, the brightness varies in a wide range, from very bright to think it was extinguished, no longer see anything, but at the minimum you can use when reading at night, for example, with a minimum consumption of battery.

The processor is a 1.2 GHz quad-core. I would have liked to be faster, but it is a normal level for this price range. Personally I've noticed problems with it, the interface is very fast, and all animations are smooth movements on the screen. I have not encountered any problems in running applications and I refer here to situations of multitasking and working in the background.
The results of benchmark tests are below:

• 3D Mark - Ice Storm 5586 points, 4478 points Ice Storm Unlimited
• AnTuTu - 16.281 points
• Quadrant - 8982 points

RAM is sufficient to 1.5 GB. He walked more, but I think Samsung did not want to climb over their tablets more expensive range.
The sound is clear and strong, two external speakers do their job well, but do not expect something like HTC One M8. I'm glad it stacked in the left and right of the screen, even as part of a true stereo, and that voice is heard clearly through them.

I had no problems with connectivity. Wi-Fi tablet knows including n-type and dual-band, ie 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Did a quick test showed a 2.4 GHz 60 Mbps download speed of nearly 50 Mbps upload, what I think are very good results.

Autonomy is good, but it is known that was sacrificed a little to get a housing nearly 8 mm thick. It is difficult to estimate autonomy, given that I am not constantly tablet, but I think you take 7-8 hours of browsing without stopping. However, it is sufficient to survive a long flight or a boring conference.

At least four Samsung Galaxy Tab renounced many of the "tricks" they praise other generations and kept only the essentials, only fireworks that are truly useful software.
Multi-window option is very useful on a tablet where you can split the screen between two applications. Here is a concrete example, I opened my article on the right and left Barcelona a Google Maps window where we looked address. The two windows can be resized at any time.

Multi-mode applications that support Windows can be found in a hidden drawer that appears in a brief swipe of the screen right or taking longer hold Back. Such features found on Samsung phones, but tablets only become truly useful.
Although these performances they offer a device must be compatible with game Pokemon go now to see more details about this game.

Pokemon Go is a mobile video game, released this summer, and is based on augmented reality technology that incorporates virtual elements in the real world to create interaction between the user and the application you can use location pokemon go location hack our to locate the legendary pokemon. The user can capture using a pokeball, a virtual ball that you throw and catch; in addition to more searching for Pokemon, the user can train them to those which already owns and invite other friends or users in a duel between Pokemon.