Nikola Tesla 9

Nikola Tesla 9
Tesla's forecast
We've all heard the predictions of Nostradamus, but few know that Tesla saw clearly contributed to creating scientific and our future. His views actualelele throws light upon many of our problems.
"According to a theory that has been accepted, each atom is distinguished by a continuous rotary motion of light, like a whirlwind in a tranquil lake. Ether, when moved, becomes matter. Once the movement stops, the ether returns to its normal state. This raises the possibility that extraordinary man might make matters appear and disappear, provided they have the right tools to start and stop these vortices of ether.
At his command, almost without effort, old world will disappear and new ones will flourish. Man could change the size of the planet, controlling seasons, change distance from the sun, or eternal guide to travel on any road in the universe. It could cause collisions of planets to produce suns and stars, heat and light to .; could create infinite life in all its forms. To realize its own birth and death will matter would be most successful man, making him the master of the physical creation, thus fulfilling his destiny. "
"If we can liberate the energy of atoms or discover a source of cheap and inexhaustible energy available anywhere in the world, this embodiment, instead of being a blessing, can bring disaster to mankind, causing dissension and anarchy, what will ultimately lead to more ugly regime of force. The greatest good comes from technical development which leads to unification and harmony, and wireless transmission goes into this line.

Through this system, the human voice can be reproduced anywhere and will provide power plants far away from hydropower; air cars will be propelled around the earth without stopping, and the Sun's energy will be controlled to create lakes and rivers to fertilize the great deserts ".
"(...) It will be possible for nations to fight without armies, ships and weapons, more terrible weapons that have an unlimited capacity to destroy. A city, at any distance from the enemy can be destroyed - and no force in the world can stop it. If we want to prevent a calamity close and transform the world into a hell, should accelerate the development of flying machines and wireless energy transmission without delay, with all the power and resources of the nation. "
Tesla knew the bomb, as Einstein visited in November 1933, having learned of his research on nuclear fission. It is likely that the benefits of Tesla's archive after his death, Einstein may have made the atomic bomb. And the danger of destruction of the earth is a real danger of our century, when any fool can start a nuclear war. And what good looks like new weapons to those described by Tesla! Are not they produced based on his research? I'll let you answer yourself.