The robot SAFFIR

The robot SAFFIR
Farewell to fire: a humanoid robot created that will fight fires.
Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory have created a humanoid robot that will act as a firefighter.
Titled Saffir (Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot), the robot was designed to "move autonomously along the vessels, to interact with people and to fight fires, taking over many of the tasks that were hazardous normally carried out by people ".
Humanoid robot is equipped with sophisticated sensors that allow them to move among them is a video camera, a gas sensor and an infrared stereo camera that will allow them to "see" through smoke. Saffir will be able to handle fire extinguishers and throw grenades containing a substance that accelerates the fire.
The robot is designed to be used on US Navy vessels, so it is equipped with a system that allows it to maintain its balance even when the vessel crossing a turbulent ocean.
US Navy Officials announced that the robot will be tested in real conditions on USS Shadwell, the test will take place in September 2013.
A new job for robots: prison guards
On his way to supremacy in technology, South Korea produced a robot designed specifically to guard the prison.
In a project supported by the Ministry of Justice, robots will be tested next year for a month at the prison in Pohang, southeast of Seoul.
The robots are programmed to patrol the corridors of corrective institutions and monitoring conditions in the cells. If sudden movements and unusual records, and violent behavior of inmates, they shall immediately notify the human staff.
Unlike video surveillance systems that monitor cells, robots are programmed to analyze the activities and movements, identifying abnormal behaviors.
Also, in emergency situations, the robot can be used to facilitate communication between guards and inmates.
The guards were satisfied with the new invention, since the robots have the potential to make your job easier, especially at night.
Regarding the prisoners, they have nothing to worry. The robots were created to appease the violence but to monitor. Moreover, if the inmates are in danger, robots will help human contact emergency personnel.
In addition, researchers gave them a look robots to make them seem friendly and caring for those behind bars.
It was launched first robot butler!
Since 2004, the company PAL Robotics is working to create wheeled robot butler, called REEM-x. On March 15 PAL unveiled the newest model, called REEM, the first robot butler market.
REEM butler PAL Spanish company describes as "a humanoid robot equipped with an autonomous navigation and touch screen, able to roam in any circumstance". The robot was unveiled at a fair held in the UAE.
The company that created humanoid robot REEM considers that can be a good guide, and an animator. Touch screen located on the robot's chest has a large number of functions, including displaying a map of the surrounding area or Telephone helpline. The robot is easily customized thanks to modular design and can be customized for each client.
REEM is 1 meter and 65 centimeters tall, 90 kg, and can reach a speed of 5 km / h. Its base is a rigid plate containing motors and lithium batteries robot butler who provides about 8 hours of battery life. PAL company aims to create a robot that fit in an average American standards: the average height of 1 meter and 70 centimeters, the speed up to 5 km / h, and the work program for about 8 hours.
The top of the robot include motorized arms, a head phone that has the ability to recognize faces using a sensor and a touch screen multimedia in the chest. It is also equipped with a platform to be able to carry objects. The platform has a weight limit of 30 kg and with each arm robot can hold objects up to 3 kg. The machine is also equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes in order to facilitate its orientation in space.
There are 20 in the manufacture of robots butler, with firm orders already in the Middle East.